2014 Twins Days Royal Court

Kings – Matthew and Michael Gragnani

2014 Kings

Matthew and Michael Gragnani

Matthew and Michael are from Chicago, IL. Matthew works for Weigel Broadcasting Co. the largest independent Television Group in the country, while Michael works for Turano Baking Co. the largest family owned artisan baker in North America. When they are not at work, you will probably find them making wine with their dad, sharing a cup of coffee at their neighborhood coffee shop, or enjoying everything that downtown Chicago has to offer.

The brothers have done just about everything in life together, from taking their first steps, to attending the same college and playing NCAA football and rugby together, to purchasing their first building together.

The 25-year-olds will be celebrating their 25th anniversary at Twins Days.  Over the years the two of them, and their family have developed life long friendships that have evolved beyond just the first weekend of August.  Birthdays, holidays, and graduations have always been celebrated with their Twin family from across the country. Neither of them could imagine their lives with out any of these great people involved.

To them, the first full weekend of August has become more than just a weekend trip every year with their family. It has become to a true bonding experience. It’s a pilgrimage that they will continue to make together for many years to come.

Matthew and Michael want to thank all of the life long friends that they have made over the years for their continuous love and support, the first weekend in August isn’t just the largest annual gathering of twins anymore, it’s a family reunion. Most importantly though, the brothers want to thank their parents for taking a trip to a small town in Ohio on a whim 25 years ago. Little did they know it would turn into the single greatest gift their sons could ever receive.

Queens – Connie Lymburner-Millar and Kendra Miller

Connie & Kendra

Connie & Kendra

Connie and Kendra were born in Welland Ontario Canada on September 16th, 1974. They still reside there. Their parents though that only one baby was on the way, but Kendra was hiding, only making herself known four hours before they were born.

Connie and Kendra are both Registered Early Childhood Educators and have touched the lives of hundreds of children over the past 20 years. They have countless stories of children and parents confusing them over the years. Once when Connie was at a conference, a woman came up and stated talking to her about her child. The woman suddenly stopped and took a closer look. She then said, “never mind, you’re the other one. You two really do look alike”, and walked away shaking her head.

Connie has been happily married to Brandon for the past six years, and Kendra is happily single.

They started attending Twins Days way back in 1984 when they were 9 years old. They haven’t missed a festival since.

Princes – Christian & Cowan Miller

Christian & Cowan

Christian & Cowan

Christian and Cowan, identical twins , were born to Shawn and Kim Miller of Berlin, Ohio on July 30, 2004. They have one older brother, Hunter. They attend Berlin Elementary and will be entering the 4th grade this fall. They enjoy playing baseball, basketball, and watching football and professional wrestling. They attended Twins Days every year since they were one year old, and they look forward to the event each year. Out of the nine years they have attended they have place eight times in “Most Alike Males” contest in their age category.



Princesses – Grace & Sophia Pohorence

Grace and Sophia Pohorence

Grace and Sophia Pohorence

Grace and Sophia are 15 year old identical twins from Huron, Ohio. Although they are identical, surviving Twin to Twin Transfusion makes them appear different to others. Sophia and Grace have been attending the Twins Days Festival since they were born and enjoy taking part in the Double Take parade and talent show. They do almost everything together from 4-H, Girl Scouts, Future Farmers of America and band to theater and art classes. Grace and Sophia have even shared a role in a murder mystery play in their community. They enjoy the outdoors, and several years ago at a survival camp they shared the experience of rock climbing, zip lining, white water rafting and sleeping in platform tents.  Grace and Sophia are proud to be our 2014 Princesses and are honored to represent twins who may appear different, but share a special bond and unique relationship.