2016 Twins Days Royal Court

Congratulations to the 2016 Twins Days Festival Royal Court!

Queens – Marlene Graham Wolf and Darlene Graham Mason, ‘The Graham Twins’

Grahams_queensKnown as ‘The Graham Twins’, Marlene and Darlene were born July 23, 1961, nine minutes apart. Growing up in Toronto, our queens graduated from Toronto High School, tied in class rank! West Liberty State College became their home before graduating in 1983, with a bachelor’s degree in education. Receiving a Masters in Reading from the University of Dayton, both are Middle School Language Arts teachers. As students leave one school, and go on to the next, they find they essentially have the same teacher with the same teaching style. Marlene, married to Rick Wolf, has a son, daughter, and granddaughter. To the amazement of many, when Marlene was pregnant with their first child, Darlene had her morning sickness! Darlene, married to Bill Mason, has a son who is a “special child of God” with special needs. Together they enjoy camping, boating, and vacationing in the magical world of Disney. Our queens have won 12 out of 13 years in the ‘Most Alike Contest’. When interviewed by Kim Schmidt for an article in ‘The American Way’, she wrote of them, “They are the most twin-like twins I meet this weekend and that’s saying something in this crowd.”

Kings – Mark and Michael Smith

Smith kingsBorn in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the early hours of November 27, 1954, Mark T. Smith was followed into the world by his brother and womb mate, Michael A. Smith thirteen minutes later. Happy, healthy, and bald (much as they are today!), the twins grew up answering to their twin names ‘MarkMike’ or ‘Twin’. Although they might have resented being dressed the same until they could dress themselves, and being called by the other’s name, the two brothers were best friends through grade and high school. As they grew up, they had different interests. Mark enjoyed working with his hands and Mike found he had an aptitude for theater and art. Both have held diverse jobs and roles throughout their lives. Mark has gone on to enjoy woodworking creating a variety of artistic and functional items from chairs to wall décor. Mike has become a hospice pastor who infuses humor into all his interactions. When not ministering, Mike enjoys spending time creating beautiful stain glass art. Mark and Mike are both married and each has two children. Our Kings enjoy time with their grandchildren and hope to pass on their passion for art, humor, and family.

Princesses – Rachel and Emily Adams

Adams_princessesOur princesses, Rachel and Emily Adams, were born on May 15, 2000, and have attended every Twins Days Festival since. These lifetime residents of Twinsburg do almost everything together including their involvement in both volleyball and softball for Twinsburg High School. Juniors this fall, Rachel will be participating in the dual credit Spanish program through Kent State University and hopes to pursue a physical therapy degree. Emily is still not sure what she will be pursuing in college, but is confident that she will. A highlight of this, their 16th year, both received their driver’s licenses. Our princesses are very supportive of each other. When one has a bad day, the other is certain to lift her spirits. If one is struggling in school, the other is there to help in grasping the material. Though they have many mutual friends, there are a few that they choose to socialize with in the absence of their twin. The fact that they are able to have their own ‘friend group’, they believe, is the reason they are best of friends. They love being twins and living in a community where the largest celebration of being a twin takes place!

Princes – Jacob and Zachery Noseworthy

Noseworthy_princesJacob and Zachery Noseworthy are 10-year-old fraternal twins from Dunnville, Ontario, Canada. They were born September 27, 2005, and will be entering the 6th grade this fall at St. Martin Catholic School. They first attended Twins Days when they were 10 months old and have attended every festival since. This will be their eleven year attending the ‘Twins Party’. (This is what they called it when they were little!) As fraternal twins, they couldn’t be more opposite. Being true Canadians, they love watching hockey. Jacob’s favorite team is the Montreal Canadiens, while Zachery’s favorite is the Toronto Maple Leafs. Jacob loves to read and will re-read a book many times. He also enjoys math and writing computer programs. Zachery loves trains and can tell you the name of any train that goes by. He also enjoys science and playing ball hockey. Both boys bowl and enjoy camping with their parents and younger brother. Their favorite Twins Days moment is entering the contests for ‘Least Alike Males’ and the ‘Furthest from Outside U.S.A. Last year they took gold for ‘Least Alike Males, ages 8-10 years’. They love attending Twins Days and are very honored to be named ‘Princes’.

Grand Marshals – Twinsburg Twins….Jacquelyn and Justin Middleton

Middleton Twins 2016 Grand MarshalsJacquelyn and Justin were born June 3, 2005, and are attending their 11th Twins Days Festival. In 2005, they finished as runners up in the youngest twins contest at seven weeks old.   Participating in the contests over the years, they have won medals for both least alike and most like twins.   Lifelong residents of Twinsburg, they are entering 6th grade at Dodge Intermediate School.   Jacquelyn is a competitive gymnast and Justin plays travel baseball.  They enjoy building LEGOs, jumping on their trampoline and going on bike rides.   They also enjoy going on family vacations with their parents and older sister.   Their favorite parts of Twins Days are riding on the Southeast Mothers of Twins Club float as well as volunteering at the Button Booth.  They are excited to welcome all the sets of twins to this amazing event in our wonderful city and are honored to be this year’s Grand Marshals.


Each year the Twins Days Festival Committee honors two Twinsburg High School graduating seniors who exhibit exceptional efforts not only in academics but in community service as well. Both of our recipients have been involved in numerous clubs, organizations, and sports teams throughout their high school career. And they have given countless hours to the community including – of course – the Twins Days Festival. 

Kaitlin Kretz

Kaityln kretz-THS scholarshipA member of the National Society, National Foreign Language Honors Society, Soccer, Student Council and more, along with much community service, Kaitlin Kretz is passionate about her hard work ethic and her tradition of attending Twins Days each year. Of the many opportunities Twinsburg High School affords, the most amazing to Kaitlin was the Cleveland Clinic Summer Internship Program. Nervously she applied, interviewed and was accepted, being one of only 60 chosen from 1,000 applicants. Kaitlyn would like to thank the THS staff who inspired her, for without them, she feels she would never have obtained the skills and confidence needed to pursue this internship. And now, the newly acquired assurance and experience gained through this program have helped solidify Kaitlin’s desire to become a physician.   She will be attending The Ohio State University, entering the field of neuroscience, a study that will help fulfill her passion of helping and healing those who are ill.

Meghana Muvva

meghana muuva-THS scholarshipMeghana Muvva was a member of Foreign Language, Gavelier, Speech and Debate, and Environmental Clubs as well as Orchestra and more, including the study of Indian Classical dance and music. Having learned from her parents that an act of kindness goes a long way, Meghana eagerly volunteered with her THS Tennis Team at Twins Days. Here she made friends with students and teachers who helped in her college decision process and encouraged her to explore opportunities in the medical field she wished to pursue. With years of involvement in various service projects including the Cleveland Clinic Junior Ambassador’s program and work at the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Meghana’s desire to help others has been exemplified. She will be entering the pre-med program at Miami University. Her field of study will have a continued impact on the community as she hopes to improve the overall health of its citizens.


Austin James Jacobs and Alissa Nicole Jacobs

Jacobs_TwinsDays ScholarshipsAustin and Alissa Jacobs are 2016 graduates from Otsego High School in Tontogany, Ohio. Both are very active in their school and are dedicated members of their community. Their twinship has led to many amazing experiences at the Twins Days Festival including participation in the ‘Double Take Parade’ at age four, where they received a “Judge’s Choice” award for their family entry. From their youth to the present, they enjoy returning each year to the Festival to reunite with old friends, while meeting new ones.

Austin Jacobs: “We are different in that we are obviously male and female, have different talents, varying academic and athletic abilities. However, we are similar in so many more ways – we share the same work ethic, constant support of one another, drive to serve our communities and (have) high goals for our futures. My sister is my number one cheerleader…” Austin’s interests include Boy Scouts of America earning the prestigious Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow honoring advanced community service. He enjoys wrestling, reading, and performs as percussionist in a variety of school bands as well as is a member of the Swing and Men’s Choir. Austin is Vice President of the Otsego Book and Media Club. He will be attending Bowling Green State University to pursue a major in Criminal Justice thus allowing him to continue his service to the state of Ohio. He plans to continue his commitment to Scouting and participate with the BGSU Marching Falcon Band.

Alissa Jacobs: “We are unique in that my brother and I are twins, our mother is a twin and so is our grandmother! Being a twin is one of the most amazing things about who I am! The unique bond I share with my brother, Austin, is one that I cannot imagine my life without! He is my best friend and confident.” Alissa has a wide range of interests including community service, saxophone and piano performance, and is a member of a variety of school bands. She serves as Student Council President and is a Mentoring Program Link Crew Leader and thus assists incoming freshman. Alissa is President of Otsego’s Chapter of the National Honor Society. She will be attending Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, as an Honors-admitted Nursing Student with a Saxophone Performance minor. She eventually hopes to further her studies to become a Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthetist and further serve her community.