2018 Twins Days Royal Court & Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2018 Royal Court and Scholarship recipients!
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Gabrielle and Kiersten Grumbos

GRAND MARSHALS:  Gabrielle and Kiersten Grumbos

Gabrielle and Kiersten Grumbos were born on December 14, 2000 and are attending their 18th Twins Days Festival. These identical twins were born and raised in Twinsburg, Ohio and are entering their senior year at Twinsburg High School. Kiersten and Gabrielle are honored and thrilled to be this year’s Grand Marshals! They look forward to welcoming all of the multiples and their families to Twins Days this year, and they hope that everyone has a wonderful time in Twinsburg!

Karey Croll (Kraemer) and Kassy Pelzel (Kraemer)

QUEENS: Karey Croll (Kraemer) and Kassy Pelzel (Kraemer)

Our 2018 Queens, Karey and Kassy Kraemer, were born 17 minutes apart on September 7, 1983, in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They have one older sister, who looks just like them (but don’t tell her that)! Both Karey and Kassy currently work in Beauty Care at Proctor & Gamble, separated by one floor. They live in the same subdivision, carpool to work, were married four weeks apart, and each have two sons!  This is the 16th of the last 17 years the Kraemers have attended the Twins Days Festival, missing only the year they were married. Being a twin is something they treasure, and the bond is something they will never take for granted. Our 2018 queens are each other’s inspiration, and forever best friend.

Dustin and Drew Snyder

KINGS:  Dustin and Drew Snyder

Twenty-six year old Dustin and Drew Snyder are from Springfield, Ohio.  Both of our Kings are employed by the Ohio Air National Guard working in the intelligence field.  Having already served in the military for six years, both Drew and Dustin have reenlisted this year for another six year term. Twins Days visitors have enjoyed their performances in the talent show for over 15 years. Always willing to lend a hand, Drew and Dustin have volunteered at the Twins Days Festival for the last four years. Our Kings wish to pass along their festival experiences and inspire other sets of twins to see it as they do – a festival of family.

Caitlyn and Josephine Bing

PRINCESSES:  Caitlyn and Josephine Bing

Fifteen year old Caitlyn and Josephine Bing will be sophomores at Kenston High School in Bainbridge, Ohio, this fall.  Caitlyn is an amateur writer and loves to read and draw as well, and during the school year, she is a member of the school’s LGBT+ Unity Club.  Josephine is almost constantly singing and would consider herself an amateur song writer. Her time is spent participating in musicals, choir concerts, and other singing performances. During the summer months, both Caitlyn and Josephine are camp volunteers at Pioneer School in Burton, Ohio.  The girls have volunteered at the Twins Days Festival Registration Booth for six years.  Together our Princesses have always looked up to and admired those on the Royal Court. Now it is their time to be role models for others!

Teagen and Caden Anderson

PRINCES: Teagen and Caden Anderson

From Mcdonald, PA, identical twins Teagen and Caden Anderson were born at 33 weeks on April 27, 2007.  From that moment the boys have been strong willed, big hearted, and full of life. Our Princes attend Burgettstown Elementary where they are now in the 6thGrade and both are Honor Roll students.  Our Princes have huge hearts, and yearly they choose an organization to support.  Teagen and Caden have shared the TDF festivities with their identical twin cousins Lexi and Lani for the past six years.  They have been awarded contest medals and even a trophy in the Parade for the Most Unique Entry in 2015.  The boys feel that being a part of something so special is what makes the Twins Days experience magical!

Twins Scholarship Winners – Mike and Dan French

Dan French

Mike French

Mike and Dan French are from Aurora, OH.  They have been attending Twins Days since they were 5 months old.  They have participated in the Double Take Parade, twins contest, and researchers over the last 18 years.  Mike and Dan found their place at Twins Days through volunteering.  They have helped with the parade, Friday Night Weiner Roast, and souvenirs for the last 10 years.

Dan French graduated from Aurora High School with Cum Laude honors..  During High School, Dan was very involved with soccer, tennis, and a variety of clubs and charitable organizations.  Some highlights for Dan was setting a post-season record in soccer for goals scored to help his team advance to the final 4 in the state soccer playoffs.  In tennis Dan was first team all conference for 2 years, CVC Champions and his senior year he finished in the top 32 players in Ohio division 1.  Daniel has volunteered for VIP coaching and for Twins Days.  This fall he will be attending Miami University to pursue a degree in business.

Mike French graduated from Aurora High School.  Throughout high school, Mike was involved in several clubs and sports, while graduating with Cum Laude honors.  Soccer was his main passion.  He lettered 3 years and was a co-captain his senior year.  Mike won numerous awards including first team all Greater Cleveland and he helped to lead the team to the state final 4 in Ohio his senior year.  He was also involved in many clubs including National Honor Society.  Mike has volunteered for VIP coaching and for Twins Days.  He will be attending Miami University this fall, and will be studying business in the Farmers School of Business.

We would like to thank the Twins Days Festival Committee for selecting us for the scholarship and for all the wonderful memories!

Twinsburg High School Scholarship Winner: Jasleen Gill

From birth to elementary school the primary language spoken in Jasleen Gill’s household was Punjabi. English to her was a stranger, an outsider that was brought into her life upon the starting of school. Sadly, Jasleen struggled because of her foreign accent and lack of the English vocabulary. But she made the decision to overcome her differences and planned to advance herself toward success by taking on leadership roles. She learned that hard work and dedication was stronger than popularity and was successful in class elections. Jasleen has held many leadership roles throughout her Twinsburg High School career, positions that have helped develop her self-confidence, strong work ethic and social awareness. Through these offices she was afforded an opportunity to host community fundraisers and blood drives. During the summer, Jasleen volunteered at nursing homes. Academically, she has challenged herself with Honors and AP classes which enlightened her regarding her future goals. Jasleen plans to pursue a major in Psychology and a minor in Business at Kent State University. One day, Jasleen aspires to open her own practice as an Optometrist; a career she feels will allow her to give back to the community she loves.

Twinsburg High School Scholarship Winner: Raquel Jones

Raquel Jones has received many accolades for her successes in academics, track and field, basketball, and cheerleading while at Twinsburg High School. A well rounded individual, she busies herself as a volunteer at her church, coaching community sports teams, babysitting, and working at Marco’s Pizza. It is not surprising therefore, that Rockie’s career goals rest in education, athletics, and community service which was realized early in her freshman year. As Rockie struggled in a particular math class, her teacher/coach was there to help guide her through the concepts. As a result of this support, she began to more fully understand the subject and her self-confidence soared. She then challenged her path in math by taking higher level classes. From this experience she found a passion for the field of education. Knowing that she, too, can make a positive impact on students, Rockie plans to pursue a degree in Middle Childhood Education at Bowling Green State University. Her passion for helping others coupled with her determination and hard work ethic will allow her to give back to the community through teaching as well as coaching middle school track and field.

Andrew R. Miller Memorial Scholarship

The Twins Days Andrew R. Miller Memorial Scholarship has been established to honor the man who was dedicated to his community and who was instrumental to the history and growth of the Twins Days Festival.  In addition to giving to his community by serving on local boards, commissions and councils, Andy’s dedication, hard work and the foundation he provided have enabled the Twins Days Festival to grow for over 40 years. Andy recognized that the Twins Days Festival was not only a way to celebrate twins and multiple births, but also to showcase the great community of Twinsburg, Ohio.

This non-renewable award of $1,500 will be presented each year to an individual that meets the requirements.

2018 Recipient – Susan Engeman

Susan Engeman (Diersing) was born in Twinsburg, Ohio with twin sister Betsy to Ray and Marcella Diersing. She graduated from the University of Akron in Culinary Arts. After nearly 20 years as a pastry chef, she decided to pursue a career change. She is currently finishing her courses to become a Licensed Practical Nurse at Northcoast Training Academy in Kent, Ohio, with the hope of a long successful career as a nurse.

Susan is married to Dave Engeman. They have three children, Kelsey (15), Edison (13) and Macy (9). Her interests are baking, camping and attending to her menagerie of fur and feathered pets.

Susan is a Twinsburg twin and resident. “Twins Days, an international festival has made a mark on the map, a claim to fame for Twinsburg residents, and is known for bringing huge crowds to our local restaurants and hotels.

“Spending their vacation in a town like Twinsburg that may be their only week they get. While not a huge city to most, it draws press and is the basis for many television shows on the uniqueness of twins and multiples.

“Twinsburg has a small town feeling and being a twin in Twinsburg is all that more special. Residents here have the most unique of all festivals right here at home. A place to attend and be part of a Guinness world record. With many sets of twins in Twinsburg, it’s a quaint town with an ‘I live there’ type of coolness. Proud to be a Twinsburg twin with 42 years in attendance at Twins Days.”