Twins Days Times 1998



Twins Days Theme for 1998 is “Two-gether in Twinsburg”
As was done last year, a contest was held to determine the theme for the 1998 Twins Days Festival. The results are in and the winners are twin sisters, Karen Jacobs and Sharon Randall. Their winning entry for this year’s theme is “Two-gether in Twinsburg”. Look in this year’s souvenir program for more information about our winners. Also, visit the Official Souvenir Booth and get yourself an official T-shirt with the theme emblazoned on the front.

Something Old, Something New 
Pepsi Cola, one of our major sponsors, has donated a getaway trip for 4 days and 3 nights for two adults and 2-3 children. The vacation package gives the winner a choice of exciting destinations from Atlantic City to Williamsburg, Virginia and over 60 other resorts. There are a variety of amenities designed to help you get the most from your trip. The vacation celebration is valid year around, so familiarize yourself with the travel guidelines. A drawing will be held on July 21, 1998 and the winner will be awarded the prize at the Twins Days Festival. There is no separate form to fill out — if you pre-register for the festival, you’re entered for the drawing! So, don’t miss it. Get your registration in today and good luck!

How did 1997 fare?
The 1997 festival closed with 2,698 sets of Twins registered, which is down slightly from the past. However, there were still many people in attendance. There were over 1,200 registered sets of twins that have never attended the festival before, and there were many sets in attendance that were not registered. The festival was fun, exciting and successful and the weather was cooperative.

Handmade Quilt & Pillows to be Raffled
A handmade quilts and matching pillow were made by Jean Moyer & June Davess and donated to the TDFC. The committee decided to raffle them off. Tickets are $1 each so buy a ticket while at the festival.

Twins Days Golf Tournament
Sign up for this year’s golf tournament and be a winner. Meet your friends and have a good time. You can put the charges on your MasterCard, Visa or Discover. The tournament will be held at Twinsburg’s Gleneagles Golf Course, one of the best courses in Ohio!

Registration Form
Please refer to the instruction sheet for filling out your Registration form. Filling out your form properly will aid the TDFC in processing the information correctly. This will ensure that your registration and record are accurate. Thank you.

Medals for Triplets and Quads
There has been some concern by triplets who attend the festival. They feel that they are guaranteed a medal for attending. A few years ago the TDFC received many letters from those of “multiple birth”, i.e. triplets, quads, etc., and began to award medals to these sets. The purchasing of the awards has become very expensive due to the increasing number of “multiple births” that are attending. Since we cannot issue medals to all of the twins who attend, the committee has voted to award medals to only the first place sets of triplets and quads participating in the contests.

Scholarships for High School Seniors
For all high school seniors! Have you been to Twins Days and registered at least three times (not including 1998). If you have, you can apply for a Twins Days Scholarship. Get you information together and make your application no later than June 5, 1998. Call (330) 425-3652 and request a form for your application.

Make Motel Reservations Early
Don’t get locked out! Make your reservations early and help out Twins Days in the process. The TDFC receives a percentage from the Vacation Spot. The Vacation Spot can get you closer to the site and can work with you for all your travel needs. Call them at (330) 425-1698 NOW!

Your 1998 Registration Packet
The inserts for the 1998 registration packets will include area maps, schedules, coupons, certificates and other important information for your use. You won’t have to pick up your own items and hope that you’ve got them all. Two souvenir programs are also included as part of your pre-registration packet, a $5 value — so your registration cost is actually $3.

Royal Court
Remember the Royal Court is randomly selected from all the twins that are pre-registered by June 15, 1998. So, send your pre-registration form, along with the fees, into our office.