Announcing the Twins Days 2011 Royal Court!

2011 Kings:Donald & Ronald Hayes

2011 Kings:
Donald & Ronald Hayes

Donald and Ronald Hayes are 57 year old identical “mirror” twins who have attended Twins Days for the past 10 years. They may look identical on the outside, but on the inside they are totally different, having varying tastes in clothing styles and personalities. Donald lives in Texas, with his wife and three children. He is presiding Bishop of the G.I.F.T. Ministries and is Head Chaplain of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Ronald lives in Maryland with his wife and daughter and is serving as an Associate Elder in the Carter Memorial COGIC Church.
Very close as children, they were not separated until age 18, when they joined the military together and were then stationed in different locations. This was a crucial time in their lives as they endeavored to live life without being in the presence of each other. When one was injured in the service, unbeknownst to the other, both felt the pain. Through this experience, they realized that though there is joy in being a twin, there can also be sorrow. For our Kings, they consider their unique bond a special blessing and they feel gifted in their love for each other.

2011 Queens:Jamie Maassen & Jodie Qualkinbush

2011 Queens:
Jamie Maassen & Jodie Qualkinbush

Jamie Maasen and Jodie Qualkinbush are identical twins born two minutes apart on September 10, 1981. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, they moved to Ohio as toddlers and went on to graduate from North Ridgeville High School in 2000. Together they attended Kent State University to pursue bachelor degrees and in December 2004, Jamie graduated with a Bachelor in Education – Intervention Specialist; continuing her education, she received her master’s degree in Educational Administration. Jodie graduated in May 2005, with a Bachelor in Education – Educational Interpreter; and will complete her Master’s in December of this year as an Intervention Specialist.
Jamie is currently working for Lorain County Board of Developmental Disabilities as their home base instructor and Jodie is currently working as a sign language interpreter.
Since they were very young they had encouraged their parents to send in their Twins Days application early enough to be considered for the Royal Court; and then into adulthood, the ladies took over that timely tradition. Now attending their 17th Twins Days Festival, Jamie and Jodie are thrilled to serve as the 2011 Queens.

2011 Princes:Mike & Dan French

2011 Princes:
Mike & Dan French

Mike and Dan French were born on March 29, 2000 and Mike is the oldest by 10 minutes. They live with mom, dad, and older brother Matt in Aurora, Ohio. They have been coming to Twins Days since they were 5 months old. Mike and Dan have just completed the 5th grade in Leighton Elementary.
Our princes are very involved in sports spending most of their time on ball fields. They are also on a year round travel soccer team. In the summer, they are on a travel baseball team, play golf and in their spare time the love to fish. During the winter, they are on a basketball team.
When not a field of play, Mike enjoys playing guitar and Dan the drums. They also like to volunteer at many different events during the year like Relay for Life and Twins Days. A home they have a dog, fish, a lizard and three snakes as pets.
They are very excited to be on the Twins Days Royal Court!

2011 Princesses:Kelsey & Jessica Anderson

2011 Princesses:
Kelsey & Jessica Anderson

Our Princesses, Kelsey and Jessica Anderson of Elyria, Ohio, have attended 18 festivals though they are only 17. They began their Twins Days journey at the age of only 10 months and it has been such a joy to return each year. Together they have many fond memories of the festival including marching in the parade, participating in the talent show, competing in “Most Alike” contests, and posing for Mary Ellen Mark’s book and DVD titled Twins.
Born nearly three months early, these lovely ladies are Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome Survivors and are incredibly thankful for their health.
Approaching their senior high school year, Kelsey has an interest in service and ministry to others; while Jessica enjoys playing the piano, composing music and encouraging others. They would like to use these talents in a future vocation.
The girls would like to thank Twins Days for its rich traditions and for all the special friends they have met there over the years. There will always be a special place in their hearts for these gifts.

2011 Grand Marshals:Noah, Brian, Halle & Brooke Bartolovich

2011 Grand Marshals:
Noah, Brian, Halle & Brooke Bartolovich

Yes, life is a TWO ring circus for many of our twin families here today…but for our Grand Marshals, it’s two TIMES a two ring circus. Because this year our Grand Marshals are two sets of twins from one Twinsburg family…let’s welcome the Bartolovich twins times two!
Brooke and Halle are 12 years old and will be entering the 7th grade at RB Chamberlain Middle School in the fall. Both girls have been playing AC Travel Soccer since they were nine years old. Brooke also takes dance lessons at Michelle’s Dancing Connection and will be in RBC Singers next year. Halle enjoys baking and cooking. Both girls are active in the YMCA Princesses with their father.
Brian and Noah are celebrating their 11th birthday today. Brian is playing in his second year for the AC Travel Soccer Club and Noah studies karate at the Silent Mind in Twinsburg. Both boys play recreational baseball and are in the band at Dodge. They also enjoy skiing with the Dodge Ski Club. They will be going into the 6th grade in the Fall.