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2017 Twins Days Royal Court

Congratulations to our 2017 Royal Court!

Alyssa and Kyle Troyer

Alyssa and Kyle Troyer

GRAND MARSHALS: Alyssa and Kyle Troyer

From the beautiful city of Twinsburg, our 2017 Grand Marshals are Alyssa and Kyle Troyer. Born on June 5, 1999, they have been attending the Twins Days Festival since they were one! They will be seniors at Twinsburg High School this fall. Both are members of the National Honor Society. Alyssa has participated in soccer throughout her high school career and was selected to the First Team All-Conference. She was also on the track team for one year and was awarded a letter! Kyle has been in Twinsburg’s Great Expectation Show Choir, an award winning nationally ranked group.   Kyle created ‘Jumbo-Tron’ videos and graphics for the Great Expectations 2017 baseball show. He also enjoys teaching the middle school show choir with plans to serve as an assistant for the girls’ high school show choir this fall. Next year, Kyle plans to major in business and Alyssa in physical therapy. The Troyer twins are proud to serve as this year’s Grand Marshals for they love being from the hometown of the largest celebration of twins.



Scott and Nathan Hasbrook

Scott and Nathan Hasbrook

KINGS: Scott and Nathan Hasbrook

Nathan and Scott Hasbrook are from Moore, Oklahoma and this marks their 8th consecutive year attending the Festival. As kids they spent nearly all of their time together and this continued as they went through high school and college. They have always been the best of friends and enjoy traveling together. One of their most notable adventures was backpacking through Europe for an entire summer. They were able to see many world-class sights and even ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. They believe that their unique bond as twins is special and allows them to have someone that they can truly rely on and trust. Most people are not so fortunate to have someone that they know always have their back, and this fact is not lost on the boys. They know their bond is special and something that should not ever be taken for granted. Although Nathan and Scott now live in different states and both got married this last year, they ensure that they stay in close contact and always know what the other is up to.   One of their favorite parts about Twins Days is that they get to spend time with each other as well as their twin friends.


Amber and Ashley Ganoe

Amber and Ashley Ganoe

QUEENS: Amber and Ashley Ganoe

The Ganoe Twins, also known as ‘AmberAshley’ or ‘AshleyAmber’ were born on August 25, 1982. Amber is the older twin, but only by a minute and Ashley is content being the baby. The twins grew up in Clarion, PA, where they graduated high school in 2001, and went to separate colleges. Amber attended Clarion University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Ashley went to Slippery Rock University where she also majored in Communications and minored in dance. The twins graduated in 2005, and went to work together at Eat’n Park and their hometown radio station as On-Air Talents. In 2007, Amber moved to Pittsburgh to pursue her radio career and Ashley went to graduate school earning her Master’s Degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education in 2009. Currently, Amber lives in Pittsburgh where she works at Wilke and Associates as an Accounts Receivable Manager. She is also planning a February 2018 wedding to her fiancé Brian. Ashley lives 8 minutes from her sister and works at Carlow University as the Events and Special Projects Coordinator and Cheer Coach. Together they enjoy working out, eating ice cream, laughing and spending time with each other and their cats.


Francesca and Frederick Bolchalk

Francesca and Frederick Bolchalk

PRINCE AND PRINCESS: Francesca and Frederick Bolchalk (Note: Frederick is Bolchalk III)

Ten year old Francesca and Frederick Bolchalk from Warren, Ohio, stole the hearts of Royal Court judges with their charming essays. Though Francesca is one minute older then her twin brother, Frederick is ‘bigger’. Both have been playing piano since they were four years old. Frederick also plays saxophone in the school band and he loves sports. He plays flag football, basketball, and has a green belt in Karate. As the starting pitcher on his competition baseball team, he is known as ‘Bullet’. In the future, Freddy hopes to be a pitcher for the New York Yankees as well as a brain surgeon. Francesca has wanted to be a Twins Days Princess since she was three! She loves dance and competitive gymnastics. Though she performs ballet, jazz, tap, acro, baton, contemporary, and hip hop, her favorite is acro. She is also in the school band with her brother, playing clarinet and piano. In the future, Francesca wants to be a professional dancer and a surgeon. Someday, Francesca hopes to have two sets of twins: three girls and one boy, just like she has two sisters and her twin brother. Precious. Enough said!


Carolyn and Nathan Barrington

Carolyn and Nathan Barrington

PRINCE AND PRINCESS: Carolyn and Nathan Barrington

From Chesapeake, Virginia, 17 year old Carolyn and Nathan Barrington describe themselves as military kids that have seen so many beautiful places, experienced so many beautiful cultures, and met so many beautiful people. Carolyn and Nathan go to two different schools because Carolyn is attending their school district’s ‘Science and Medicine Academy’, although she adds, “Nathan is definitely the smarter one.” They are ranked in their schools, nearly at the top of their classes, because academics are very important to them. This summer, Nathan attended “Boy’s State”, a week-long program for those who represent the quality of leadership best in their high school.   Carolyn is a Girl Scout of over ten years, a lacrosse player, and a dedicated member of the school band. She will serve as Drum Major this fall. Nathan is a Boy Scout diligently working to become an Eagle Scout. He is a stellar Spanish student and a FANTASTIC cross country and track runner. Both are very involved in their community, volunteering at local hospitals and other local organizations. These best friends consider themselves the biggest pair of ‘dorks’ one will ever know, and they wouldn’t want anyone else as their twin!


Rama Bhambra

Raman Bhambra

Twinsburg High School Scholarship Winner: Raman Bhambra

From her youth, some of Raman Bhambra’s fondest memories take her back to the Twins Days Festival, a weekend she remembered as being celebrated with enthusiasm, fun and games. As she grew in age, she began to understand the significance of this global celebration. A sense of community pride led her to volunteer countless hours at the festival, and many other organizations, which also gave her the opportunity to work toward her goal of serving others. Along with volunteerism, Raman’s list of musical, religious, and school activities is endless. A member of the tennis team, she played varsity all four years, earning First Team All-Conference. She was a camp volunteer for the Sikh Youth Alliance of North America and an Orator for the Sikh Youth Symposium. A student of ‘Academic Excellence’, Raman took College Credit Plus classes and was a member of the National Honor Society and President of the Foreign Language Honor Society. Raman wishes to continue her life of academics and service by entering the medical field of Neuroscience or Biomedical Engineering. She will be attending Northeast Ohio Medical University for a six year combined BS/MD program.

Jessica Lyden

Jessica Lyden

Twinsburg High School Scholarship Winner: Jessica Lyden

While at Twinsburg High School, Jessica Lyden learned more than just classwork. She developed self-confidence and self-advocacy as well as strong time management skills, something she is quite proud of. Jessica was a cheerleader for both football and basketball all four years, earning 7 varsity awards. Her non-school competitive team brought home two national titles during her freshman and sophomore years. A member of Pep Club and the Homecoming Committee, she gave her time for the support of others. Her volunteer work with the Twins Days Festival, summer youth camps, the Twinsburg Safety Forces Open House, and Athletic Boosters’ events allow her help those in need. Academically, Jessica also participated in the Twinsburg High College Credit Plus program. Jessica learned that through hard work, determination, and focus she could achieve academic success and her dream of going to college. Today, Jessica is realizing that dream. She will be attending the University of Mount Union where she will major in criminal justice. She aspires to attend law school to become an attorney within the juvenile justice system.


Alex Walter

Alex Walter

Adam Walter

Adam Walter

Twins Days Festival Scholarship Winners: Alex Jeffrey and Adam David Walter

“Being an identical twin is something extraordinary and unique”, begins Alex Walter about the relationship of him and his twin brother Adam. “It is a common thought that when you are an identical twin, it is hard to be unique. After 18 years of being a twin I have learned to embrace the uniqueness.” From Wapakoneta, Ohio, the Walter brother’s biography is as identical as they are. Both are Eagle Scouts, JV and Varsity letterman in football and track as well as Varsity Vocals ICHSA members, their group ranking as Quarterfinalist in the International Championship School A Cappella. They are also members of the Western Buckeye League Champion football and track teams. These two share a special bond and they would not trade this friendship for the world! The uniqueness of being a twin will follow them through college. Both have been accepted into the same college, The Ohio State University, and both plan to major in Optometry. After they graduate, Alex and Adam would like to open an office called ‘Double Vision’.




2016 Twins Days Royal Court

Congratulations to the 2016 Twins Days Festival Royal Court!

Queens – Marlene Graham Wolf and Darlene Graham Mason, ‘The Graham Twins’

Grahams_queensKnown as ‘The Graham Twins’, Marlene and Darlene were born July 23, 1961, nine minutes apart. Growing up in Toronto, our queens graduated from Toronto High School, tied in class rank! West Liberty State College became their home before graduating in 1983, with a bachelor’s degree in education. Receiving a Masters in Reading from the University of Dayton, both are Middle School Language Arts teachers. As students leave one school, and go on to the next, they find they essentially have the same teacher with the same teaching style. Marlene, married to Rick Wolf, has a son, daughter, and granddaughter. To the amazement of many, when Marlene was pregnant with their first child, Darlene had her morning sickness! Darlene, married to Bill Mason, has a son who is a “special child of God” with special needs. Together they enjoy camping, boating, and vacationing in the magical world of Disney. Our queens have won 12 out of 13 years in the ‘Most Alike Contest’. When interviewed by Kim Schmidt for an article in ‘The American Way’, she wrote of them, “They are the most twin-like twins I meet this weekend and that’s saying something in this crowd.”

Kings – Mark and Michael Smith

Smith kingsBorn in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the early hours of November 27, 1954, Mark T. Smith was followed into the world by his brother and womb mate, Michael A. Smith thirteen minutes later. Happy, healthy, and bald (much as they are today!), the twins grew up answering to their twin names ‘MarkMike’ or ‘Twin’. Although they might have resented being dressed the same until they could dress themselves, and being called by the other’s name, the two brothers were best friends through grade and high school. As they grew up, they had different interests. Mark enjoyed working with his hands and Mike found he had an aptitude for theater and art. Both have held diverse jobs and roles throughout their lives. Mark has gone on to enjoy woodworking creating a variety of artistic and functional items from chairs to wall décor. Mike has become a hospice pastor who infuses humor into all his interactions. When not ministering, Mike enjoys spending time creating beautiful stain glass art. Mark and Mike are both married and each has two children. Our Kings enjoy time with their grandchildren and hope to pass on their passion for art, humor, and family.

Princesses – Rachel and Emily Adams

Adams_princessesOur princesses, Rachel and Emily Adams, were born on May 15, 2000, and have attended every Twins Days Festival since. These lifetime residents of Twinsburg do almost everything together including their involvement in both volleyball and softball for Twinsburg High School. Juniors this fall, Rachel will be participating in the dual credit Spanish program through Kent State University and hopes to pursue a physical therapy degree. Emily is still not sure what she will be pursuing in college, but is confident that she will. A highlight of this, their 16th year, both received their driver’s licenses. Our princesses are very supportive of each other. When one has a bad day, the other is certain to lift her spirits. If one is struggling in school, the other is there to help in grasping the material. Though they have many mutual friends, there are a few that they choose to socialize with in the absence of their twin. The fact that they are able to have their own ‘friend group’, they believe, is the reason they are best of friends. They love being twins and living in a community where the largest celebration of being a twin takes place!

Princes – Jacob and Zachery Noseworthy

Noseworthy_princesJacob and Zachery Noseworthy are 10-year-old fraternal twins from Dunnville, Ontario, Canada. They were born September 27, 2005, and will be entering the 6th grade this fall at St. Martin Catholic School. They first attended Twins Days when they were 10 months old and have attended every festival since. This will be their eleven year attending the ‘Twins Party’. (This is what they called it when they were little!) As fraternal twins, they couldn’t be more opposite. Being true Canadians, they love watching hockey. Jacob’s favorite team is the Montreal Canadiens, while Zachery’s favorite is the Toronto Maple Leafs. Jacob loves to read and will re-read a book many times. He also enjoys math and writing computer programs. Zachery loves trains and can tell you the name of any train that goes by. He also enjoys science and playing ball hockey. Both boys bowl and enjoy camping with their parents and younger brother. Their favorite Twins Days moment is entering the contests for ‘Least Alike Males’ and the ‘Furthest from Outside U.S.A. Last year they took gold for ‘Least Alike Males, ages 8-10 years’. They love attending Twins Days and are very honored to be named ‘Princes’.

Grand Marshals – Twinsburg Twins….Jacquelyn and Justin Middleton

Middleton Twins 2016 Grand MarshalsJacquelyn and Justin were born June 3, 2005, and are attending their 11th Twins Days Festival. In 2005, they finished as runners up in the youngest twins contest at seven weeks old.   Participating in the contests over the years, they have won medals for both least alike and most like twins.   Lifelong residents of Twinsburg, they are entering 6th grade at Dodge Intermediate School.   Jacquelyn is a competitive gymnast and Justin plays travel baseball.  They enjoy building LEGOs, jumping on their trampoline and going on bike rides.   They also enjoy going on family vacations with their parents and older sister.   Their favorite parts of Twins Days are riding on the Southeast Mothers of Twins Club float as well as volunteering at the Button Booth.  They are excited to welcome all the sets of twins to this amazing event in our wonderful city and are honored to be this year’s Grand Marshals.


Each year the Twins Days Festival Committee honors two Twinsburg High School graduating seniors who exhibit exceptional efforts not only in academics but in community service as well. Both of our recipients have been involved in numerous clubs, organizations, and sports teams throughout their high school career. And they have given countless hours to the community including – of course – the Twins Days Festival. 

Kaitlin Kretz

Kaityln kretz-THS scholarshipA member of the National Society, National Foreign Language Honors Society, Soccer, Student Council and more, along with much community service, Kaitlin Kretz is passionate about her hard work ethic and her tradition of attending Twins Days each year. Of the many opportunities Twinsburg High School affords, the most amazing to Kaitlin was the Cleveland Clinic Summer Internship Program. Nervously she applied, interviewed and was accepted, being one of only 60 chosen from 1,000 applicants. Kaitlyn would like to thank the THS staff who inspired her, for without them, she feels she would never have obtained the skills and confidence needed to pursue this internship. And now, the newly acquired assurance and experience gained through this program have helped solidify Kaitlin’s desire to become a physician.   She will be attending The Ohio State University, entering the field of neuroscience, a study that will help fulfill her passion of helping and healing those who are ill.

Meghana Muvva

meghana muuva-THS scholarshipMeghana Muvva was a member of Foreign Language, Gavelier, Speech and Debate, and Environmental Clubs as well as Orchestra and more, including the study of Indian Classical dance and music. Having learned from her parents that an act of kindness goes a long way, Meghana eagerly volunteered with her THS Tennis Team at Twins Days. Here she made friends with students and teachers who helped in her college decision process and encouraged her to explore opportunities in the medical field she wished to pursue. With years of involvement in various service projects including the Cleveland Clinic Junior Ambassador’s program and work at the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Meghana’s desire to help others has been exemplified. She will be entering the pre-med program at Miami University. Her field of study will have a continued impact on the community as she hopes to improve the overall health of its citizens.


Austin James Jacobs and Alissa Nicole Jacobs

Jacobs_TwinsDays ScholarshipsAustin and Alissa Jacobs are 2016 graduates from Otsego High School in Tontogany, Ohio. Both are very active in their school and are dedicated members of their community. Their twinship has led to many amazing experiences at the Twins Days Festival including participation in the ‘Double Take Parade’ at age four, where they received a “Judge’s Choice” award for their family entry. From their youth to the present, they enjoy returning each year to the Festival to reunite with old friends, while meeting new ones.

Austin Jacobs: “We are different in that we are obviously male and female, have different talents, varying academic and athletic abilities. However, we are similar in so many more ways – we share the same work ethic, constant support of one another, drive to serve our communities and (have) high goals for our futures. My sister is my number one cheerleader…” Austin’s interests include Boy Scouts of America earning the prestigious Eagle Scout and Order of the Arrow honoring advanced community service. He enjoys wrestling, reading, and performs as percussionist in a variety of school bands as well as is a member of the Swing and Men’s Choir. Austin is Vice President of the Otsego Book and Media Club. He will be attending Bowling Green State University to pursue a major in Criminal Justice thus allowing him to continue his service to the state of Ohio. He plans to continue his commitment to Scouting and participate with the BGSU Marching Falcon Band.

Alissa Jacobs: “We are unique in that my brother and I are twins, our mother is a twin and so is our grandmother! Being a twin is one of the most amazing things about who I am! The unique bond I share with my brother, Austin, is one that I cannot imagine my life without! He is my best friend and confident.” Alissa has a wide range of interests including community service, saxophone and piano performance, and is a member of a variety of school bands. She serves as Student Council President and is a Mentoring Program Link Crew Leader and thus assists incoming freshman. Alissa is President of Otsego’s Chapter of the National Honor Society. She will be attending Otterbein University in Westerville, Ohio, as an Honors-admitted Nursing Student with a Saxophone Performance minor. She eventually hopes to further her studies to become a Nurse Practitioner or Nurse Anesthetist and further serve her community.

2015 Royal Court announced

We are happy to announce the 2015 Twins Days Festival Royal Court!

KINGS:  Robert & Richard Murphy / Owensboro, KY

KINGS:  Robert & Richard Murphy / Owensboro, KY

QUEENS:  Betsy Diersing Geul & Susan Diersing / Twinsburg, OH

QUEENS:  Betsy Diersing Geul & Susan Diersing / Twinsburg, OH

PRINCE and PRINCESS:  Helena & Hunter Norman /  Hudson, OH

PRINCE and PRINCESS:  Helena & Hunter Norman /  Hudson, OH

PRINCE and PRINCESS:  Alexander & Emily Kave / Manasquan, NJ

PRINCE and PRINCESS:  Alexander & Emily Kave / Manasquan, NJ

GRAND MARSHALLS:  Violet Donaldson McCunn / Twinsburg, OH & Emma Donaldson Wozniak / Berlin, NJ

GRAND MARSHALLS:  Violet Donaldson McCunn / Twinsburg, OH & Emma Donaldson Wozniak / Berlin, NJ

2014 Twins Days Royal Court

Kings – Matthew and Michael Gragnani

2014 Kings

Matthew and Michael Gragnani

Matthew and Michael are from Chicago, IL. Matthew works for Weigel Broadcasting Co. the largest independent Television Group in the country, while Michael works for Turano Baking Co. the largest family owned artisan baker in North America. When they are not at work, you will probably find them making wine with their dad, sharing a cup of coffee at their neighborhood coffee shop, or enjoying everything that downtown Chicago has to offer.

The brothers have done just about everything in life together, from taking their first steps, to attending the same college and playing NCAA football and rugby together, to purchasing their first building together.

The 25-year-olds will be celebrating their 25th anniversary at Twins Days.  Over the years the two of them, and their family have developed life long friendships that have evolved beyond just the first weekend of August.  Birthdays, holidays, and graduations have always been celebrated with their Twin family from across the country. Neither of them could imagine their lives with out any of these great people involved.

To them, the first full weekend of August has become more than just a weekend trip every year with their family. It has become to a true bonding experience. It’s a pilgrimage that they will continue to make together for many years to come.

Matthew and Michael want to thank all of the life long friends that they have made over the years for their continuous love and support, the first weekend in August isn’t just the largest annual gathering of twins anymore, it’s a family reunion. Most importantly though, the brothers want to thank their parents for taking a trip to a small town in Ohio on a whim 25 years ago. Little did they know it would turn into the single greatest gift their sons could ever receive.

Queens – Connie Lymburner-Millar and Kendra Miller

Connie & Kendra

Connie & Kendra

Connie and Kendra were born in Welland Ontario Canada on September 16th, 1974. They still reside there. Their parents though that only one baby was on the way, but Kendra was hiding, only making herself known four hours before they were born.

Connie and Kendra are both Registered Early Childhood Educators and have touched the lives of hundreds of children over the past 20 years. They have countless stories of children and parents confusing them over the years. Once when Connie was at a conference, a woman came up and stated talking to her about her child. The woman suddenly stopped and took a closer look. She then said, “never mind, you’re the other one. You two really do look alike”, and walked away shaking her head.

Connie has been happily married to Brandon for the past six years, and Kendra is happily single.

They started attending Twins Days way back in 1984 when they were 9 years old. They haven’t missed a festival since.

Princes – Christian & Cowan Miller

Christian & Cowan

Christian & Cowan

Christian and Cowan, identical twins , were born to Shawn and Kim Miller of Berlin, Ohio on July 30, 2004. They have one older brother, Hunter. They attend Berlin Elementary and will be entering the 4th grade this fall. They enjoy playing baseball, basketball, and watching football and professional wrestling. They attended Twins Days every year since they were one year old, and they look forward to the event each year. Out of the nine years they have attended they have place eight times in “Most Alike Males” contest in their age category.



Princesses – Grace & Sophia Pohorence

Grace and Sophia Pohorence

Grace and Sophia Pohorence

Grace and Sophia are 15 year old identical twins from Huron, Ohio. Although they are identical, surviving Twin to Twin Transfusion makes them appear different to others. Sophia and Grace have been attending the Twins Days Festival since they were born and enjoy taking part in the Double Take parade and talent show. They do almost everything together from 4-H, Girl Scouts, Future Farmers of America and band to theater and art classes. Grace and Sophia have even shared a role in a murder mystery play in their community. They enjoy the outdoors, and several years ago at a survival camp they shared the experience of rock climbing, zip lining, white water rafting and sleeping in platform tents.  Grace and Sophia are proud to be our 2014 Princesses and are honored to represent twins who may appear different, but share a special bond and unique relationship.

Announcing the Twins Days 2012 Royal Court!

2012 King & Queen: Matthew & Rachel Zronek

2012 King & Queen:
Matthew & Rachel Zronek

For Twinsburg Twins Rachel and Matthew Zronek, attending every Twins Days in all their 24 years substantiates their love of the festival, the friendships made, and their own unique bond. It’s true: they may not share the same physical characteristics as other twins, but they celebrate just the same, by participating in events such as the parade, twin contests, research studies, guest appearances, and the talent show. For the last nine years, they have helped on various festival committees and Matt produced promotional films for the festival. These two have been awarded many medals, including the coveted gold for being the ‘Most Alike Male/Female’ in their youth; and then they snatched gold again, but in the ‘Least Alike’ contest as adults!

Rachel and Matthew are both honor graduates from Kent State University’s School of Communication. This past May, Rachel received her Masters in Health Education and Promotions and is a Marketing Activities Coordinator at University Hospitals. Matt, a member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers, is a QTV Production Assistant at the Quicken Loans Arena working with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Gladiators and the Lake Erie Monsters, and is a freelance promo editor and videographer for PBS.

Matt is my hero because he will go out of his way to help anyone even if it doesn’t benefit him. He is the most dedicated hardworking person I know. Call him a superhero or a genuinely great guy; he has one of the biggest hearts I know.” – Rachel
Rachel is my hero because when we’re hanging out with her friends, she has the ‘power’ to make me feel like I fit in. She’s compassionate and wise beyond her years.” – Matt

And the Zronek twins on ‘Superheroes’……..

During a past festival, Rachel and Matt were guest speakers on Radio Disney. Ironically, Rachel was asked if she possessed ‘Super Powers’. Her answer was simple. “Don’t all twins?”
It’s true. There is a ‘superhero’ in all multiples – and in the families and friends that love and support them. This weekend is a celebration of everyone’s own special talents and unique bonds – those special gifts – those ‘Super Powers’!

2012 King & Queen:Michael and Megan Hill

2012 King & Queen:
Michael and Megan Hill

If you look at Michael and Megan Hill-from Wickliffe and Eastlake, Ohio respectively- you would not think of them as twins. But that is what makes their twinship even more unique than most. They are indeed twins, not just siblings, and they share a special inseparable bond. This bond was exemplified several years ago when Megan was at an out-of-town softball tournament on their birthday. For years, these two wanted to experience their own birthday celebration and at long last, Megan’s absence presented the opportunity. As the hours of the day passed, each longed for the other and both realized what a terrible mistake they had made. From that moment on, they appreciated their unique bond and their eternal connection to one another. Megan is a full-time student at Notre Dame College working toward a degree in Accounting. She works at Wickliffe Lanes where she and her twin brother are avid bowlers. Mike works for Luxury Lawns Landscaping and has plans to return to school to finish his degree in Graphic Design. These two have attended 23 Twins Days Festivals and have won many awards in the ‘Least Alike Male/Female’ contests. Both have volunteered time during the Twins Days Festival over the years, and this year they are excited to take on a new ‘royal’ role!”
Megan is my superhero because she is always there for me. She is not just my sister, she is my best friend – and I can always count on her.” – Michael
Michael is my hero because I know that no matter the distance, he will be there for me when I am in need.” – Megan

2012 Princesses:Ashley and Amanda Truesdale

2012 Princesses:
Ashley and Amanda Truesdale

Ashley and Amanda Truesdale, 16-year-old identical twins from Delphos, Ohio, are very unique because they are so much alike in their looks but so different in their personalities. But this doesn’t stop their friendship and love for each other, nor their joint activities. In the fall, you can find the girls under the Friday Night Lights cheering on the Jefferson High School Varsity Wildcats and performing in the halftime show with the marching band. In the winter months, they are under the basket every Friday and Saturday night once again cheering the Wildcats on to victory! Ashley and Amanda also dance and twirl. Outside of school, the girls are found scooping ice cream at the Dairy Hut or serving other concessions at Lima Land Speedway. At their very first Twins Days Festival when they were just 11 months old, they were awarded the gold in the “Cutest Twins” contest. This year they are celebrating their 13th Twins Days Festival. The girls pride themselves every year in getting their pictures taken with all the twins on the royal court telling their parents, “We have to find them all!” This year the search will be easy for we are proud to have Ashley and Amanda represent Twins Days as our Princesses!
Why Amanda is ‘my superhero’: “Because she is always there when I need her. “ – Ashley
Why Ashley is ‘my superhero’: “Because she is always there for me and she knows how to make me feel better.” – Amanda


2012 Princes:
Zachary and Ryan Malm

Identical twins Zachary and Ryan Malm have been attending the Twins Days Festival since they were 7 months old thus making 2012 their 15th year. In June, they graduated middle school, both earning the Presidential Academic Fitness Award and the Merit Award. They both ran cross country in the fall and also participated in spring track. They qualified for finals and were also both voted “Unsung Heroes” by their teammates and coach. The boys are very excited to start high school this fall and enjoy spending time together playing video games, going to the library, and walking around downtown Portsmouth, New Hampshire, their hometown. They also love roller coasters and thrill rides, and they never turn down an opportunity for new experiences. What an exciting experience this festival will be for our Princes…and they’ll even ride on a coaster car in the Double Take Parade!
Why Zack is ‘my superhero’: “Zack is my best friend and he is also a great artist and all- around good guy” – Ryan
Why Ryan is ‘my superhero’: “My brother Ryan is the funniest person I know—and also I think he is pretty cool.” – Zack


2012 Grand Marshals:
Thomas & Jessica Purnell

Thomas and Jessica Purnell were born 18 years ago, and only 30 seconds apart. They have lived in Twinsburg for nearly fifteen years and have attended every Twins Days festival with their older twin brothers, Matthew and Daniel. They graduated from Twinsburg High School in May, where they were actively involved in the Great Expectations Show Choir. They will both be attending college this fall. Jessica will major in biology and study pre-medicine at The Ohio State University. Thomas will study computer science and technology at The University of Akron. Although their academic plans differ, they share many interests, such as cooking, reading, running, singing, dancing, and playing Xbox. They are looking forward to their first year experience in college and to attending future Twins Days!
Tommy is my super hero because he stands up for me; he supports me; and most importantly, he believes in me.” ~ Jess
Jess is my super hero because she helped me find my way to success. Her support inspires me to excel at everything I do.” ~ Tommy

Announcing the Twins Days 2011 Royal Court!

2011 Kings:Donald & Ronald Hayes

2011 Kings:
Donald & Ronald Hayes

Donald and Ronald Hayes are 57 year old identical “mirror” twins who have attended Twins Days for the past 10 years. They may look identical on the outside, but on the inside they are totally different, having varying tastes in clothing styles and personalities. Donald lives in Texas, with his wife and three children. He is presiding Bishop of the G.I.F.T. Ministries and is Head Chaplain of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Ronald lives in Maryland with his wife and daughter and is serving as an Associate Elder in the Carter Memorial COGIC Church.
Very close as children, they were not separated until age 18, when they joined the military together and were then stationed in different locations. This was a crucial time in their lives as they endeavored to live life without being in the presence of each other. When one was injured in the service, unbeknownst to the other, both felt the pain. Through this experience, they realized that though there is joy in being a twin, there can also be sorrow. For our Kings, they consider their unique bond a special blessing and they feel gifted in their love for each other.

2011 Queens:Jamie Maassen & Jodie Qualkinbush

2011 Queens:
Jamie Maassen & Jodie Qualkinbush

Jamie Maasen and Jodie Qualkinbush are identical twins born two minutes apart on September 10, 1981. Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, they moved to Ohio as toddlers and went on to graduate from North Ridgeville High School in 2000. Together they attended Kent State University to pursue bachelor degrees and in December 2004, Jamie graduated with a Bachelor in Education – Intervention Specialist; continuing her education, she received her master’s degree in Educational Administration. Jodie graduated in May 2005, with a Bachelor in Education – Educational Interpreter; and will complete her Master’s in December of this year as an Intervention Specialist.
Jamie is currently working for Lorain County Board of Developmental Disabilities as their home base instructor and Jodie is currently working as a sign language interpreter.
Since they were very young they had encouraged their parents to send in their Twins Days application early enough to be considered for the Royal Court; and then into adulthood, the ladies took over that timely tradition. Now attending their 17th Twins Days Festival, Jamie and Jodie are thrilled to serve as the 2011 Queens.

2011 Princes:Mike & Dan French

2011 Princes:
Mike & Dan French

Mike and Dan French were born on March 29, 2000 and Mike is the oldest by 10 minutes. They live with mom, dad, and older brother Matt in Aurora, Ohio. They have been coming to Twins Days since they were 5 months old. Mike and Dan have just completed the 5th grade in Leighton Elementary.
Our princes are very involved in sports spending most of their time on ball fields. They are also on a year round travel soccer team. In the summer, they are on a travel baseball team, play golf and in their spare time the love to fish. During the winter, they are on a basketball team.
When not a field of play, Mike enjoys playing guitar and Dan the drums. They also like to volunteer at many different events during the year like Relay for Life and Twins Days. A home they have a dog, fish, a lizard and three snakes as pets.
They are very excited to be on the Twins Days Royal Court!

2011 Princesses:Kelsey & Jessica Anderson

2011 Princesses:
Kelsey & Jessica Anderson

Our Princesses, Kelsey and Jessica Anderson of Elyria, Ohio, have attended 18 festivals though they are only 17. They began their Twins Days journey at the age of only 10 months and it has been such a joy to return each year. Together they have many fond memories of the festival including marching in the parade, participating in the talent show, competing in “Most Alike” contests, and posing for Mary Ellen Mark’s book and DVD titled Twins.
Born nearly three months early, these lovely ladies are Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome Survivors and are incredibly thankful for their health.
Approaching their senior high school year, Kelsey has an interest in service and ministry to others; while Jessica enjoys playing the piano, composing music and encouraging others. They would like to use these talents in a future vocation.
The girls would like to thank Twins Days for its rich traditions and for all the special friends they have met there over the years. There will always be a special place in their hearts for these gifts.

2011 Grand Marshals:Noah, Brian, Halle & Brooke Bartolovich

2011 Grand Marshals:
Noah, Brian, Halle & Brooke Bartolovich

Yes, life is a TWO ring circus for many of our twin families here today…but for our Grand Marshals, it’s two TIMES a two ring circus. Because this year our Grand Marshals are two sets of twins from one Twinsburg family…let’s welcome the Bartolovich twins times two!
Brooke and Halle are 12 years old and will be entering the 7th grade at RB Chamberlain Middle School in the fall. Both girls have been playing AC Travel Soccer since they were nine years old. Brooke also takes dance lessons at Michelle’s Dancing Connection and will be in RBC Singers next year. Halle enjoys baking and cooking. Both girls are active in the YMCA Princesses with their father.
Brian and Noah are celebrating their 11th birthday today. Brian is playing in his second year for the AC Travel Soccer Club and Noah studies karate at the Silent Mind in Twinsburg. Both boys play recreational baseball and are in the band at Dodge. They also enjoy skiing with the Dodge Ski Club. They will be going into the 6th grade in the Fall.

Announcing the 2010 Royal Court

2010 Kings:
Spencer & Skyler Nick
from Wauconda, Illinois

2010 Queens:Patty Sermersheim & Peggy Meyer (nee Kluesner)from Jasper, Indiana

2010 Queens:Patty Sermersheim & Peggy Meyer (nee Kluesner)
from Jasper, Indiana


2010 Princes: Alex & Adam Waltersfrom Wapakoneta,Ohio

2010 Princes: Alex & Adam Walters
from Wapakoneta,Ohio

2010 Princesses:  Geneva (GiGi) & Grace Woodfrom Shawnee, Kansas

2010 Princesses: Geneva (GiGi) & Grace Wood
from Shawnee, Kansas

2010 Grand Marshals: Brett & Bailey Harneyfrom Twinsburg, OH

2010 Grand Marshals: Brett & Bailey Harney
from Twinsburg, OH

2009 Royal Court

Congratulations to the 2009 Royal Court!

KINGS: Donald & Edward Makielski. These guys are 82 years young and hail from Michigan. They have registered and attended the last 16 festivals.

QUEENS: Mary Ping & Carol Richardson (nee: Lappie)
Mary & Carol (59 yrs old) are from Indiana.

PRINCES: Brandon & Bailey Stewart (11 yrs old), from New Paris, Ohio.

PRINCESSES: Kennedy & Karissa Cratty (12 yrs old) from Youngsville, Pennsylvania.

Announcing the 2008 Royal Court


2008 Kings:
Kenneth & Dennis (“Kenny & Denny”) Hamilton
from Kentucky

2008 Queens:
Janice Walsh-Marshall & Janet Hatch-Marshall
from Pennsylvania


2008 Queens: Janice Walsh-Marshall & Janet Hatch-Marshall
from Pennsylvania
2008 Princes:

2008 Princes: Bryan & Joshua Edwards
from Pennsylvania


2008 Grand Marshals:<br /><br /><br />Tyler and Alec Albright<br /><br /><br />of Twinsburg

2008 Grand Marshals:
Tyler and Alec Albright
of Twinsburg

All of the essays were read thoroughly  and considered. There were many wonderful essays submitted, and we thank you all. This year there will be a ballot box for submissions of Royal Court for 2009 on the festival grounds and at the weenie roast. There is a form in your programs to fill out. Your essays may be sent in anytime from September 1, 2008 to June 6th 2009.

Introducing the 2007 Royal Court

Congratulations to the 2007 Twins Days Royal Court!

KINGS: Brendan & Kevan O'Neill/ Lima, OH

KINGS: Brendan & Kevan O’Neill/ Lima, OH

QUEENS: Laura & Linda Seber / Sheffield Village, OH

QUEENS: Laura & Linda Seber / Sheffield Village, OH

PRINCE & PRINCESS: Thomas & Amanda Thornton / Broadview Heights, OH

PRINCE & PRINCESS: Thomas & Amanda Thornton / Broadview Heights, OH
PRINCE & PRINCESS: Tony & Tiffany O'Connor / West Chester, OH

PRINCE & PRINCESS: Tony & Tiffany O’Connor / West Chester, OH