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Past Festival/Program Themes

Here is a list of themes used in previous Twins Days Festivals.  Feel free to use these as inspiration for your “Times 2 Remember” theme outfits in 2015!

  • 2015 40th Festival Celebration/Time Machine: “Times 2 Remember”
  • 2014 Late 60’s, Early 70s Era: “Twinstock”
  • 2013 Fairytales & Fables: “Twice Upon a Time”
  • 2012 Super Heroes: “Twin Power!”
  • 2011 Circus
  • 2010 Western: “Twin Roundup”
  • 2009 Fifties: “Twins Days Rocks!”
  • 2008 Sports: “Twins Days All-Stars”
  • 2007 Mexican: “Twin Fiesta”
  • 2006 Movies: “Take2”
  • 2005 30th Festival Celebration
  • 2004 Tropical
  • 2003 No formal theme
  • 2002 Patriotic
  • 2001 “Double Fun!”
  • 2000 25th Festival Celebration: “Reflections”
  • 1999 “Two-of-a-Kind”
  • 1998 “Two-gether in Twinsburg”
  • 1997 “Double Vision in Twinsburg”
  • 1996 Noah’s Ark: “And they came by ones, twos, threes, fours…”
  • 1995 20th Festival Celebration
  • 1994 International Year of the Family
  • 1993 No formal theme
  • 1992 Twinsburg’s 175th Anniversary
  • 1991 No formal theme
  • 1990 No formal theme
  • 1989 No formal theme
  • 1988 No formal theme
  • 1987 No formal theme
  • 1986 No formal theme
  • 1985 10th Festival Celebration
  • 1984 No formal theme
  • 1983 No formal theme
  • 1982 No formal theme
  • 1981 No formal theme
  • 1980 No formal theme
  • 1979 No formal theme
  • 1978 No formal theme
  • 1977 No formal theme
  • 1976 No formal theme

2015 Twins Days Theme

Come celebrate Twins Days’ 40th!

2015 marks a major milestone for the Twins Days Festival and its twin family…its 40th festival!

Our 40th celebration will include many exciting events! This year’s festival will be held on Saturday, August 8th and Sunday, August 9th. Friday, August 7th, events are for registered multiples and their families ONLY. NO MEDIA.

We will celebrate our 40th with a very appropriate time machine theme: “Twins Days: Times 2 Remember!” With this theme we will be looking back over the past 40 festivals, and looking forward to the future and many more. How can you participate in this theme? You can dress according to your favorite past Twins Days theme (list to be communicated in a later post), or wear a costume or outfit from a previous festival, or maybe one “from the future”. Think H.G. Wells, time travel…past, present and future!

[update: here’s a link to a list of prior Twins Days Festival Themes]

2014 Twins Days Theme

Twins from all over the world converge upon Twinsburg and Twins Days, so, the theme for the 2014 Twins Days Festival is…

“Twinstock – Groovy in Twinsburg!”

Twins can dress as anything from that era, not necessarily just in tie dye or as hippies. Think peace signs, TV characters, fashion, cartoons, toys, movies…anything of that late 60’s – early 70’s time period! Please remember to keep your ideas family-friendly, but most of all have fun with it!

Keep an eye on this page for information on the upcoming festival! See you all in August!

2013 Theme!

Fables & Fairy Tales: “TWICE Upon a time…”

We are excited about this year’s theme, and all the creative possibilities it presents! This theme encompasses several different ideas that were mentioned by those that shared some ideas. Think dragons, knights, princes and princesses, wizards, kings & queens, ogres, castles…the ideas are endless! There are many more “fables and fairy tales” than the more common ones that you are familiar with, and from so many different countries. So get you started here is a link to a very long list of fables and fairy tales…

Thank you to all who shared their ideas. We had such a great response that we already have several ideas to consider for 2014!

2012 Theme

Every year, the Twins Days Festival Committee chooses a theme for the festival. The souvenir program and T-shirts are based on this theme, and festival participants are encouraged (but not required) to wear theme-based costumes.

The theme for the Twins Days Festival 2012 is: Super Heroes: “Twin Power!” Time to start working on your costume ideas!

2011 Theme

The Theme for 2011 Twins Days Festival will be a “Circus Theme”. The committee is in the process of finalizing the slogan, as soon as we have it we will post it here.

2008 Theme

The Twins Days Festival Committee has discussed at length the theme for the 2008 Twins Days Festival and have decided to go with a sports theme:


This will be a general sports theme, not specifically in recognition off the Olympics. Use your creativity in identifying your favorite sport(s) and/or athlete(s).

Have fun!


2007 Theme

Thanks to all for your input into ideas for this year’s Twins Day Festival theme. There were many good ideas.

After much discussion at the committee meeting, we are excited to announce this year’s theme…

raffle_sun_smallTWINS FIESTA!

We feel this theme communicates very well the celebratory and festive atmosphere of the festival.

We hope everyone is as excited about it as we are!