Twins Days “Double Take Parade” Instructions & Application


The 43rd annual Twins Days Festival will officially kick off with its famous “Double Take Parade” on Saturday, August 4th.

We invite you to join us by marching as a twin or entering a float, band, walking unit or other twin-related entry. We encourage you to be creative in keeping with this year’s family-friendly theme.  Judging of the Parade entries will be from the reviewing stand across from the festival site. The “Double Take Parade” will assemble at designated entry points at or near Twinsburg Town Square at 8:00 a.m. with the parade stepping off promptly at 9:00 a.m. This is a continuous motion parade – 50 foot space must be maintained between units. Participants will parade from Town Square, pass the reviewing stand and continue down Ravenna Road to the disbanding area, the second drive on the left, past the middle school, as directed by a Twins Days committee member. PARADE RULES & REGULATIONS

  • Twins participating in the parade must be registered for the festival
  • All units may not exceed 24′ long x 8′ wide. Vehicle type and size must be specified on application.
  • No candy or other object may be thrown from any vehicle in the parade.
  • Commercial businesses and/or vehicles need to contact the Twins Days office for more information regarding parade entry
  • Units or wagons/buggies pulled by horses must be followed by a clean-up crew
  • The line of march must be maintained until the end of parade before disbanding
  • Vehicles must be driven by twins or carrying twins

Any units not abiding by these rules will be removed from the parade and disqualified from receiving any trophies or awards.

Unlike in the past, the deadline will be strictly adhered to. Please plan accordingly.


APPLICATION CHECKLIST: Completed applications will be reviewed by the festival committee for acceptance in the parade. The following items must be completed and turned into the Twins Days Festival, Inc. office for your application to be considered complete:

  1.  Review the assembling and disbanding information.
  2. Completed and signed liability release form.
  3. Completed Twins Days Double Take Parade online application or paper application*.  

*If you prefer a paper application or have any questions or concerns, please contact the  Twins Days, Inc. office. The same deadlines apply for paper applications as online applications.

Commercial Entries: If you are a commercial business, your payment must accompany the application. Commercial and/or any other form of advertising is prohibited without prior approval and prior payment of an advertiser’s fee of $150. Any violation of this rule will result in the unit being removed from the parade line-up.  All commercial businesses, please contact the Twins Days, Inc. office.


  • DEADLINE:  Entries MUST be received NO LATER THAN stated date on Parade Entry Form.  ABSOLUTELY NO LATE ENTRIES will be accepted. 
  • THROWING OF ITEMS: Materials of any sort (i.e. candy, toys, Frisbees, etc.) will NOT be permitted to be THROWN from floats or vehicles, under any circumstances. This is due to potential physical injury, danger, insurance and littering problems. Distribution of materials is allowed. Materials are to be handed out by walking units only. Candy must be in the original wrappers! Violation of this rule will result in the immediate removal of that unit from the parade, and award disqualification.
  • PARADE UNIT DESCRIPTION: On the application, we request that you submit a brief description to be announced from the reviewing stand. If a description is not submitted with the application, only the organization or group name will be announced.
  • TOW AND TRAILER VEHICLES: All line-up positions are determined by size of both tow and trailer vehicles. The full length of the entire unit must be included on application. Once submitted, vehicles cannot be changed without Twins Days office authorization. If a vehicle is brought to the parade that is longer/larger than the vehicle specified in this application, then it will not be allowed in the parade.
  • INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY: The Parade Committee cannot control the weather. If at any time leading up to or on parade day, the weather/street conditions are deemed unsafe, the parade will be cancelled.
  • PARADE ASSEMBLY AREA AND LINE-UP: Parade Line-Up starts at 8:00 a.m. at designated entry points.  These designated entry points and Line-Up Numbers will be sent to all entry contact persons at least one week prior to the parade. These numbers MUST be visible in the front window of the towing vehicle for line-up purposes. If a walking unit, please have a designated member of the group arrive at 8:00 a.m. with the number.  Parade officials will meet and direct you to your Line-Up location. Late arrivals will be positioned at the end of the Parade Line-Up. The Parade WILL start promptly at 9:00 A.M.
  • ROUTE: The Parade will start on the corner of Richner Court and move southeast along Ravenna Road. This is a continuous motion parade. A 50 ft. space between the units must be maintained. Please do not stop once the parade begins. The line of march must be maintained until the end of the parade before disbanding.
  • JUDGING: Judging will take place during the course of the parade. The following categories will be awarded: Mayor’s Trophy (Overall winner selected by the mayor of Twinsburg); Twin Walking Unit; Most Unique Vehicle (includes cars, cycles, fire trucks, etc.); Most Unique Entry; Best Parade Theme Float; and NEW THIS YEAR, Most Unique Twin Entry.
  • TROPHIES: All trophies will be presented at the Main Entertainment Tent on the Festival Grounds immediately prior to the Talent Show on Saturday. Participation ribbons may be given as participants pass the Reviewing Stand during the actual parade.
  • PARKING: There is no parking for parade participants in the parade assembly area on the square, Church or Maple Streets, nor at local businesses and the VFW lot surrounding the square. It is best to car pool to the assembly area leaving at least one vehicle parked near the festival grounds.
  • WALKING TWINS:  All walking twins must be registered. We encourage you to be in costume in keeping with this year’s theme. Gather in the grassy area of the Square during assembly time. There will be four groups of Walking Twins based on age appropriateness. The youngest twins and/or twins in wagons and strollers will make up the first group. Please understand the necessity of the groups.  Spectators want to see everyone and these formations will make that possible – as well as make for a more exciting journey for you!  Remember: This is a continuous motion parade so smile, wave and have fun – but please do not stop!  Group Leaders or banner carriers will be selected by the committee members.  Once the group of Walking Twins passes the Reviewing Stand, banners must be handed to the parade staff located near the Stand.
  • ANY ENTRY WITH CHILDREN riding on a vehicle/float must provide ample adult supervision. This is mandatory for all such entries. There must be at least one adult per entry on which children are riding.  ALL FLOAT RIDERS will remain on their float at all times, while float is on Parade route. Absolutely no participant will get on or off a float once it has started down the Parade route. Only in cases of emergency or float has reached designated ‘finish’ area, will any participant be allowed to get on or off a float.
  • DISBANDING: All units must continue down Ravenna Road to the disbanding area which is the second drive on the left, past Dodge Middle School (located on the right side of Ravenna Road), as directed by a Twins Days committee member.

IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, ALL PARTICIPANTS ARE REQUIRED TO GIVE WAY TO ANY AND ALL EMERGENCY PERSONNEL AND VEHICLES. All vehicular entries will be required to produce, upon request by parade officials, the name of that entry’s driver, his/her’s valid driver’s license, and current proof of liability insurance. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the Twins Days office. We look forward to seeing you at the Twins Days Festival’s “Double Take Parade”.

By completing and submitting the form below, you agree to the following terms & conditions:

I agree to participate at my own risk and cannot hold Twins Days, Inc., The City of Twinsburg, this event’s organizers, volunteers or sponsors responsible for any potential injury or damages that may result directly, or indirectly, from my participation.  I also give free use of my photo in any printed account of this event.  

I do hereby irrevocably covenant, promise, and agree to indemnify Twins Days, Inc. and all its members and to hold them harmless from and against any and all losses, claims, expenses, suits, costs, demands, damages, or liabilities – joint or several – of whatever kind or nature which Twins Days, Inc. may sustain or to which they may become subject arising out of or relating in any way to the “loss” or damage. This agreement shall be in effect Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the Twins Days Festival weekend and shall include without limitation in each case: attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses actually incurred in defending against and/or enforcing any such losses, claims, expenses, suites, damages, or liabilities.

NOTE: After submitting your form, you should see text below stating that ‘your application was successfully submitted’. If you do not see this message, you will have received a pop-up box directing you to correct or complete your application. Please review your application and complete ALL required fields before attempting to submit again.

Contact person
Contact Phone Number
Email Address
Mailing Address
Type of unit
Name of entry / float
Total Length of unit (feet)
LENGTH OF ENTIRE UNIT (this includes both the towing vehicle and the towed vehicle) MUST NOT EXCEED 24 ft. long x 8 ft. wide.
Brief description of entry/float to be announced from the reviewing stand (if not provided, then only entry name will be announced). Please limit to approx. 300 characters.
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