Research Opportunities

Many researchers take advantage of the large number of twins at the festival to help with their projects.  These might include filling out surveys, having your picture taken — even DNA samples.  It depends upon the nature of the product.  Most researchers will offer some modest compensation (gift bags, or even money) in exchange for your time.  The Research Plaza is on the Twins Days Festival grounds, on the tennis courts.

  • West Virginia University / Biometric Study-Facial and Voice
  •  Kent State University / Communication and Political Behavior
  •  Acne & Treatment Research Center / Bioré product trial
  • Monell Chemical Senses / Taste and Smell
  • Case Western Reserve Center for reducing health Disparities/Altruistic Attitudes & Behavior
  • University Hospitals/Dermatology
  • Reflective Measures for Forensics / Fingerprinting Research
  • Proctor & Gamble Research / Understanding of Aging Skin