Twins Days Times 1999


Twins Days Theme for 1999 is “TWO OF A KIND IN ’99”

As you are probably aware, a contest was held for the person designing the best theme for the 1999 Twins Days Festival as we did the previous year. The amount of entries we recieved was minimal and the time we had left to review, edit and finally print the theme and then send the final product to the shirt manufacturer to be printed on the shirts pushed our timetable to the max. We will approach it internally this year to save time and a crunch at the end. We wish to thank those of you who did send in your ideas.

How did 1998 fare?

There were 2,698 sets of twins that registered last year. Again, down somewhat from the past. However, there still were many people in attendance. It has been estimated that there were over 200 sets of twins who did not register, according to the people who were doing the registering, and we only needed an additional 302 sets to make our goal of 3,000 sets. So come on twins, help us!

There were those who were never here before or those who were too busy and did not register. A thought – wouldn’t it be great if half of the twins who have been here in the past showed up? However, the festival was fun, exciting, and successful – and the weather almost co-operated all weekend except for Sunday afternoon.


We would at this time like to announce the latest sponsor to is joining the Twins Days Festival. The Twins Days Festival Committe and Maytag Appliances have entered into an agreement. There will be a Twins Bake-Off with 20 sets of Twins competing at the Twins Days Festival using the new Maytage Gemini Range. We’ll see you at the site in Maytag’s tent!


The Twins Days Festival Committe, Inc. has reviewed in detail the overall pricing structure for the various events and services provided for the twins who attend the festival. Pricing and costs were reviewed by the Committee and some changes were made that whill affect all twins except those presently in the TDA who are covered by their present multi-year agreement that they signed. The registration fee will be raised $2.00 for a total of $10.00 per set, so please come. After all, two bucks more can’t hurt you or your family when you consider what you are getting for free (as compared with an amusement park, for example)!

The Royal Court

Remember, the Royal Court is randomly selected from all the twins that are pre-registered by June 15, 1999. So, get your pre-registration form, along with the necessary fees, in to our office as soon as possible.

For 1999

The inserts in the 1999 registration packets will include area maps, schedules, coupons, certificates and other important information for your use. Two souvenire programs are included as part of your pre-registration packet, a $5 value, so your registration cost is actually $5. That price does not even cover the cost of mailing, printing and stuffing of the envelopes. Also included in the registration fee is the entry fee for two days for twins, triplets, etc.

Twins Days Golf Tournament

Sign up for this year’s golf tournament and be a winner. Meet your friends and have a good time! You can put the charges on your credit card — MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. The tournament will be held at Twinsburg’s Glen Eagle Golf Club (one of Ohio’s finest golf courses!) on August 6, 1999.

Registration Packets

Please refer to the separate instruction sheet for filling out your Registration form. The correct method for filling out your form will aid us in processing and entering the correct information to your registration form and make sure our records are correct. Thank you.

Scholarships for High School Seniors

Attention, all high school twin seniors! Have you been to Twins Days and registered at least three times in the last five (5) years not including 1999? If you have, then you may apply for two $1,000 Twins Days Scholarships. Call for information and make your application no later than June 5, 1999. Call (330) 425-3652 or send us e-mail and request forms for your application. (If sending e-mail, be sure to include your full mailing address, as well as a phone number where we can reach you if we have questions)

Something Old, Something New

Pepsi-Cola, one of our major sponsors, has again donated a getaway trip for 4 days and 3 nights for two adults and 2-3 children. The vacation package gives you a choice of exciting destination from Atlantic City to Williamsburg, Virginia with over 60 other resorts to choose from. There are a variety of amenities designed to help you and your family get the most from your trip. The vacation celebration is valid this year, so familiarize yourself with the travel guidelines and hope you will be picked as our winner. A drawing from registered twins will be held at the end of July and the winner will be announced and invited to attend the kickoff luncheon on Friday preceding the festival. So, don’t miss it and get your registration in today.

Group Photo Return Policy

The registration form has as a record, the photo that you chose to be sent to you, so make sure that you choose the correct one.

Any photo returned to the office for exchange for a day other than that indicated on the original order will be assessed a $4 handling fee per photo, providing that the photo is in resaleable condition. Payment in U.S. currency only must be accompany the return. the phot must be in our office not later than Decmeber 15 of the year the photo was taken. Any returns received after that will be returned unopened.

The Twinsburg Hilton Inn a Host Hotel

Twinsburg has a new hotel, and the Twins Days Festival welcomes them as a new sponsor. A long-awaited hotel has been built at the intersection of I-480 and Rt. 82. Most of the Twins Days activites prior to the festival will take place here. We have given it the annotation of “the Host Hotel for the Twins”. Contact them through this website to make reservations. There will NOT be an 800-number or travel agent available for these reservations.

For Your Information…

We must stress the following two items for your information!

  • Again there will be NO SMOKING in any of the tents erected on site for the festival. This is for the vendors benefit as well as the customers. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to those of you who did not smoke in a tent last year.
  • NO dogs or other pets will be allowed on site. Anyone bringing a pet will not be allowed through the gate on site. The only exception is dogs for the handicapped. Thank you for your understanding. To prevent any problems, don’t bring your pets.
  • Use our Meeting Board located on site (at the entrance) for all the twins and others wishing to contact other twins. Just write the name of the twins you want to meet on the ticket, sign your name, and hopefully they’ll contact you. This was started by Dana Bridges and Debra Bledsoe last year. Thanks you two!
  • Rental lockers for the public’s use are available at $2.00 per day rental at the Twins Days tent (the first one on your right side as you enter). Ohio State Sales Tax is included as part of the price.
  • Wheelchairs and wagons will be available for rent at the TDFC Information Booth to your right side in th efirst tent. The cost of a daily wheelchair rental is $22.00 per day; the cost of renting a wagon is $5.00 per day. Your drivers license will be required to be left as a deposit. This is being done to ensure that all of the rented wagons are returned.
  • Please come early and let your family enjoy the whole festival, grab a bite to eat and walk through the Arts & Crafts area, stroll through the commercial tent and then to the group photo, stroll through the children’s rides outside the gates and return to your room later in the evening, refreshed and relaxed. Then, return to the site and join the others to watch the fireworks extravaganza.
  • PARK FOR FREE at the Chrysler stamping plant. This includes FREE shuttle to the entry gate. There will also be an information booth at Chrysler to help our guests. For a return trip, catch a shuttle bus at the entrance to the festival site. See the shuttle bus schedule for times and pickup points.

    Or, pay $3 per vehicle per day for preferred parking at the NEW TWINSBURG HIGH SCHOOL location next to the site on Ravenna Road.

    The preferred parking lot is located adjacent to the festival gtrounds on a private drive — watch for the signs as you enter Twinsburg.

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express will be accepted for any transactions prior to the festival and any purchases at the Official Souvenir Booth during the festival.