Twins Days Times 2001


Twins Days Theme for 2001 is “DOUBLE FUN in 2001”!

Well, here we are again and we have, after many agonizing meetings and discussions, come up with what we think is the best theme for the 2001 Twins Days celebration. This theme will help Twins Days start a new century on a positive note and all we can see is growth.

registration_4Registration Packets

The inserts in the 2001 registration packets will include area maps, schedules, coupons (where possible), Twin Bucks, certificates, souvenir discounts and other important information for you to use. If you will not be able to attend this year’s festivities but would like to have a souvenir program, please enclose $4 and two program will be mailed to you, along with the packet, after the festival.

Twins, please help us to offset the associated costs of registration and bookwork and register at the site if you don’t register in advance. Where else could you go for a cost of $5 per person and receive two souvenir programs ($6.50 value) and two days entry for two ($8 value) and be a part of the largest annual gathering of twins in the world!Please refer to the separate instruction sheet for filling out your Registration Form. The correct method for the filling out of your form will aid us in processing and entering the information and to make sure our records are correct. Thank You.

If you plan on coming back on Sunday, please DO NOT REMOVE THE WRISTBAND. They are waterproof, so don’t worry about swimming or showering. Bracelets will be put on by our registration personnel. REMEMBER, if you don’t have your bracelet on, you won’t be allow to enter the contests unless you pay!

registration_tally_boardA 2000 Recap

The year 2000 brought a festival that was full of fun and excitement. It was kicked off with a fly-over by the United States Air Force. It was a very exhilirating start to the first Twins Days Festival of the new millennium, and also to celebrate the festival’s 25th.

The weather was beautiful and held out until Sunday afternoon, when the steady rains began. Though people were stilll coming out, there is no question that the weather kept the crowd smaller than anticipated. If the weather had cooperated, there would have been a good possibility to reach 3,000 sets of twins! The total number of registered sets of twins was 2,743, and a great time was had by all! To all of you who attended, thank you for your support!

Twin Volunteers Needed Again This Year

We, the TDFC, would like to extend our sincere thanks to those Twins who have previously helped us in the booths — a big, big THANK YOU for all your help in the past! We would again like to appeal to all twins in attendance — please donate at least one hour of your time, more if possible, helping out with registration, the twins contests, souvenirs and other areas. If you are interested, please call the TDFC at 330-425-3652, e-mail us, or come see us at the festival so we can schedule you.


We have contracted with Uniglobe VIP Travel to be our Official Travel Agent of the Twins Days Festival Committee on a long-term basis. Uniglobe is a full-service agency who can handle all of your travel needs, both for Twins Days and your personal travel requirements. Steve Nagel, a twin who many know, is an agent with them. We also believe that you will get a more complete service from Uniglobe than has been available in the past from other Official Twins Days Festival travel agencies.

Uniglobe’s toll-free phone number is 1-888-349-3951, or you can e-mail them at Contact them now and make your reservations early to get the best rates and services.

Something Old, Something New

Pepsi-Cola, one of our major sponsors, has again donated a getaway trip for 4 days and 3 nights for two adults and 2-3 children. The vacation package gives you a choice of exciting destinations from Atlantic City to Williamsburg, Virginia with over 60 other resorts to choose from. There are a variety of amenities designed to help you and your family get the most from your trip.

The vacation celebration is valid this year, so familiarize yourself with the travel guidelines and hope you will be picked as our winner. A drawing from registered twins will be held at the end of July and the winner will be announced and invited to attend the kickoff luncheon on Thursday preceding the festival. So, don’t miss it and get your registration in today.





The Royal Court


Remember, the Royal Court is randomly selected from all the twins that are pre-registered by June 15, 2001. So, get your preregistration form, along with the necessary fees, in to our office as soon as possible.

Twins Days Golf Tournament

Sign up for this year’s golf tournament and be a winner! Meet your friends and have a good time! You can put the charges on MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover cards. The tournament will be held at Twinsburg’s Glen Eagle Golf Club on Friday, August 3rd and will include lunch, dinner, trophies and door prizes.

Scholarships for High School Seniors

Attention, all high school twin seniors! Have you been to Twins Days and registered at least three times in the last five (5) years not including 2000? If you have, then you are eligible to apply for two $1,000 Twins Days Scholarships. Call for information and make your application no later than June 5, 2000. Call (330) 425-3652 or send us e-mail to request the application form. (If sending e-mail, be sure to include your full mailing address, as well as a phone number where we can reach you if we have questions). The winners will be invited to attend the Kickoff luncheon to be held on Thursday, August 3, 2001.


Group Photo Return Policy

The registration form has, as a record, the photo that you chose to be sent to you — so make sure that you choose the correct one. The TDFC will only send to you what has been indicated on your registration form.

The TDFC offers an unfolded, unwrinkled and uncreased photo. Any photos returned to the office for exchange for a day other than that indicated on the original order will be charged a $5 postage and handling fee per photo, providing that the photo is in resalable condition. Payment in U.S. currency or check, only, must accompany the return. The photo must be in our office no later than December 15 of the year the photo was taken. Any returns received after that will be returned unopened.

Please note: any photos returned after December 15 or without the return fee will NOT BE PROCESSED. Last year, there were at least a half dozen photos returned, either after December 15th and/or without the $5 handling fee. In 2001, any photos returned after December 15th or without the return fee will NOT BE PROCESSED. Please, do not call in January or February to report that your photo was not received.

INFORMATION You Need to Know
    • Again, there will be NO SMOKING in any of the tents erected on site for the festival. This is for the vendors benefit as well as the customers. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to those of you who did not smoke in a tent last year.
    • NO dogs or other pets will be allowed on site. Anyone bringing a pet will not be allowed through the gate on site. The only exception is dogs for the handicapped. Thank you for your understanding. To prevent any problems, please don’t bring your pets.
    • PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE PARK AT DODGE MIDDLE SCHOOL FOR THE WIENER ROAST, which takes place in the Gym on Ravenna road across from the high school. THERE IS SUFFICIENT SPACE FOR PARKING.
    • Use our Meeting Board located on site (at the entrance) for all the twins and others wishing to contact other twins. Just write the name of the twins you want to meet on the ticket, sign your name, and hopefully they’ll contact you. This was started by Dana Bridges and Debra Bledsoe in 1998. This has been a very popular feature with all of the attendees.
    • Rental lockers for the public’s use are available at $2.00 per day rental at the Rental Booth, (the first one on your right side as you enter). Ohio State Sales Tax is included as part of the price.
    • Wagons will also be available for rent at the TDFC Rental Booth. The cost of renting a wagon is $5.00 per day. Your drivers license will be required to be left as a deposit. This is being done to ensure that all wagons that were rented are returned.
    • Due to the fact that none of the wheelchairs that were available for rent were rented out, the TDFC will no longer offer them for rental. We suggest that any persons needing a wheelchair please bring their own or make arrangement before entering the gate.
    • Please come early and let your family enjoy the whole festival, grab a bite to eat and walk through the Arts & Crafts area, stroll through the commercial tent and then to the group photo, stroll through the children’s rides outside the gates. After working up your hunger, stop at the barbecued chicken booth. After that, you can return to your room (get your hand stamped for re-entry). Later in the evening, refreshed and relaxed, return to the site and join the others to watch our fireworks extravaganza!
    • Due to circumstances beyond our control, there will be NO PARKING AT THE CHRYSLER PLANT OR ANY BUS SERVICE FROM THE PLANT TO THE SITE. Preferred Paid parking is available at the new Twinsburg High School. For a cost of $3 per DAY per vehicle and $5 per day for a motor home or a bus on a paved surface, this includes a shuttle to the entry gate. You won’t have to walk. This parking lot is located adjacent to the festival grounds on a private drive. Watch for the signs as you enter Twinsburg.
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express will be accepted for any transactions prior to the festival and any purchases at the Official Souvenir Booth during the festival.